Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Breaking News, February 26, 2010

2:17 pm

Move to bar new National Monuments in Utah fails in US Senate
"The Senate rejected a move
Thursday by Republicans to bar the Obama administration from
designating any new national monuments, including two in Utah, that
were listed in a leaked Interior Department document."  Read more – Salt Lake Tribune


Utah Wilderness News, February 26, 2010

1:33 pm

Duh, it's not a land grab if you're already the landowner!
"When a national monument is
established, land is not "grabbed," as the headline asserts. The
Antiquities Act authorizes presidents to establish national monuments
only on land already owned by the federal government." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune

Patience wears thin at UT pols statehouse hijinks
despite the length of their
to-do list, lawmakers are wasting time and threatening to waste
precious taxpayer dollars on ridiculous efforts to tell the federal
government to take a hike back to Washington, D.C., and leave Utah to
their wisdom. Reps. Chris Herrod of Provo and Ken Sumsion of American
Fork, both Republicans, are acting like banty roosters crowing over
what is probably the most nonsensical idea yet, although competition
for that honor this year is fierce."  Read more – Salt Lake Tribune


Hot off the Press, February 24, 2010

10:49 am

BLM Plans Destruction of Old Growth Trees in National Monument and Proposed Wilderness
A coalition of national and local conservation groups has called on the
Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) to halt immediately the planned
destruction of old-growth pinyon and juniper trees on over 50,000 acres
in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and surrounding
lands, including those proposed for wilderness protection in America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.”  Read more – SUWA Press Release


Utah Wilderness News, February 24, 2010

2:39 pm

Anti-public lands rally held at UT statehouse…
"A contingent of Top of Utah residents and lawmakers joined a states' rights rally at the Capitol on Tuesday. 'Take Back Utah' was the rallying cry for the assembly of more than
200 people as they gathered in the rotunda to hear from a variety of
speakers, mostly Republican lawmakers." Read more – Standard-Examiner

…but other lawmakers have grown weary of this type of silliness.
lawmakers need to get back to business and start addressing the state's real
problems rather than spending so much time telling — and retelling — the feds
to back off, say minority party members." Read more – Salt Lake Tribune


Utah Wilderness News, February 23, 2010

5:57 pm

 Noel_clarkBlogger heaps justifiable scorn on UT pols bad behavior
other words
, the Legislature's cowboys want to bet $3 million in legal fees on
what is, at best, a one in 10 chance. I
t's painfully obvious that we live in a
without legalized gambling. Them's chump's odds. But, then again, Mike
Noel and Chris Herrod are betting taxpayers' money, not their
own." Read more – Salt Lake Crawler