Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance


The support of people like you allows SUWA to ensure that the wild public lands we all enjoy remain eligible for future wilderness designation.

Our work involves keeping a close eye on proposed development projects in the backcountry, participating in land use planning processes, challenging bad land management decisions, and advocating for Utah wilderness in Congress.

Learn more about the issues we’re working on:

  • America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act: Developed by citizen volunteers, America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act serves as a model and yardstick for BLM wilderness proposals in Utah.
  • Off-Road Vehicles: ORV use has skyrocketed in Utah in recent years, threatening the wild lands in America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.
  • Oil and Gas Development: Studies show that Utah’s redrock wilderness holds less than 4 weeks of natural gas and 1 week of oil supplies for the nation, yet development by the oil and gas industries remains a constant threat.
  • RS 2477 (Phantom Roads) An old legal loophole from the 1860s known as Revised Statute 2477 (or RS 2477) still threatens to scar Utah’s wilderness areas with “Phantom Roads.”
  • Land Use Planning: In its waning hours, the Bush administration put the spectacular redrock lands of southern Utah on the chopping block, releasing six Resource Management Plans (RMPs) that now dictate how 11 million acres of iconic canyon country could be managed for the next two decades.
  • Climate Change: Climate change is threatening Utah’s wilderness — yet preserving wilderness is integral to mitigating the affects of climate change on our nation and biosphere.
  • Ancient Treasures: Utah’s redrock wilderness country is famous for its sinuous slot canyons and soaring desert buttes, but deep within the folds of this remote landscape lie astonishing remnants of prehistoric cultures.

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