Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Oil and Gas

SUWA supports a balanced approach to energy issues in Utah that includes protecting Utah’s special places and promoting energy efficiency and conservation.  Under the Bush administration, we challenged repeated attempts to sell new oil and gas leases and drill new wells on wilderness-quality lands across the state.  Now we are working with the Obama administration to bring balance back to public land management.

As Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has noted, it is not a question of whether there should be any leasing and development on public lands.  Such activity—if in compliance with federal, state and local laws intended to protect public health and the environment—may be appropriate in certain areas.  But the destruction of Utah’s redrock wilderness for a trivial amount of oil and gas (predicted at best to be less than 4 weeks of natural gas and 1 week of oil) simply makes no sense.  With the help of our members and activists, SUWA is working to protect these magnificent landscapes for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

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